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      2. Welcome to Hai'an Wangcheng Technology Co., Ltd
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        Working principle of dry-type transformer cooling fan

                Working principle of dry-type transformer cooling fan:

                When the cooling fan of dry-type transformer is used for dry-type transformer, the fan is placed on both sides of the lower part of the transformer coil, and the cooling air is directly blown into the high and low-voltage cooling air ducts of the transformer coil. The cooling effect is obvious, which can guarantee the normal operation of the transformer and extend its service life. (temperature control device is provided for fan start and stop, over temperature alarm, over temperature trip and other functions of transformer).

                Cooling mode of dry type transformer:

                The cooling mode of dry-type transformer is divided into natural air cooling (an) and forced air cooling (AF). When natural air cooling, the transformer can operate continuously for a long time under rated capacity. When forced air cooling, the output capacity of transformer can be increased by 50%. It is suitable for intermittent overload operation or emergency overload operation. Due to the large increase of load loss and impedance voltage during overload, it is in non economic operation state, so it should not be in long-term continuous overload operation.

                Service conditions of dry-type transformer cooling fan:

                1. The ambient temperature shall be 75oC ≥ - 40oC.

                2. The industrial gas passing through the cooling fan is not allowed to have strong acid, strong alkali and various solutions.

                3. Dust and other sundries are not allowed to fall into the fan, so as to avoid fan burning and fan blade fracture.


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