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      2. Welcome to Hai'an Wangcheng Technology Co., Ltd
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        What are the types of dry-type transformer cooling fans?

                At present, there are three types of transformer cooling fans: axial-flow fan, centrifugal fan and tubular fan.

                1. The air flow of the axial-flow fan enters along the axis from one end of the impeller and flows out along the axis from the other end of the impeller.

                2. The air flow of centrifugal fan enters along the axis from one end (or both ends) of impeller and flows out from the direction perpendicular to the axis. The air inlet is too much circular, and the air outlet is a small distance shape.

                3. The cross flow fan has a cylindrical multi rotating leaf. The air flow enters the impeller from the cascade on one side of the rotor, and then enters the impeller interior along the direction perpendicular to the rotor axis. The air flow is discharged through the cascade on the other side of the rotor. The air inlets and outlets are of a large distance shape with a large aspect ratio, which is suitable for installation in a long and thin space.



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